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The challenge

WHO defines health as the science and art of preventing disease, extending life and improving physical and mental health, individually and collectively.
In sub-Saharan Africa, and therefore also in Cameroon, health is one of the great challenges of this century.

The equipment

The foundation carries out several small projects aimed at providing medical equipment and materials.
In particular:

Hospital beds and wheelchairs
Oxygen concentrators
ECG equipment

The actors

The foundation aspires to work with local actors (doctors and paramedics) in order to focus on the weakest sections of the population, such as children with chronic diseases and the disabled.
Based on the evolution of our foundation and your generosity, we aim to build a small clinic in a town in Cameroon, the city of Bertoua, where hospitals are almost non-existent.
It is difficult to estimate an overall cost for this type of business which is always in flux. We will start with a target of €15,000 which will allow us to provide the first batch of equipment (for example three ultrasound scanners). 
Subsequently everything will depend on the donations received.