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The situation in Cameroon

"Although Cameroon appears to be well on its way to achieving the goal of universal primary education, the country still has a long way to go in terms of primary school completion rate, enrollment rate of girls versus boys, retention rate of students and regional disparities in access to education."
- The World Bank -

The Nanou foundation knows the territorial reality of Cameroon very well: the northern region is one of the areas where the schooling rate of children is the lowest in the country. This deschooling is due to the lack of school facilities to accommodate students, but also to the lack of school material (desks, notebooks, books, blackboards).

The school situation near Garoua - North Region (Cameroon)

The project.

From a field survey, with the participation of several teachers, it appears that the children of the Djoumassi school, near Garoua, in the northern region of Cameroon, need material to allow them to continue their studies.
The cost of these school materials is € 75 per year per child, that is € 7,500 per 100 pupils and € 60 per school, for a total of € 6,000.
Therefore, € 13,500 is needed to carry out this initial project which will give 100 students school materials for one year and desks for several years.

Subsequently, if the means allow it, we aim to build a small school in this same location, replacing the sheds that currently serve as classrooms, as can be seen from the images.